Emanuele Spatola

Building N26, room 345




Emanuele Spatola was born in Vittoria, Sicily. He studied Chemistry at Sapienza University of Rome and obtained his bachelor’s degree with full marks and honours in 2018. Then he enrolled in the same university, and he obtained his master’s degree in Chemistry, Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry curriculum in 2020 with full marks and honours, and his thesis work was supervised by Prof. Stefano Di Stefano. In 2020 he started his PhD in Chemistry under the supervision of Prof.
Stefano Di Stefano, carrying out research activities in the field of Supramolecular Chemistry and Dynamic Covalent Chemistry. In 2023 he spent six months in the Delius Group as a visiting PhD fellow. In January 2024 he joined the Delius Group to start his postdoctoral research activities.
When he is not in the lab he likes to read books.

Publications in the Delius group