Since 2016, we have organized one national scientific meeting and three highly focussed mini-symposia at Ulm University. 

Upcoming events

SupraChem 2024 conference logo with place and dates

SupraChem 2024 is the seventh conference of this biannual series that brings together supramolecular chemists and scientists from related fields for three days. This time, Prof. Max von Delius is a co-organizer and will host the event at Ulm University.

Past events

Mini-Symposia on Dynamic Covalent Chemistry and the Mechanical Bond

Since 2016, we hosted three mini-symposia.

25 October 2019: a Mini-Symposium on “Dynamic Covalent Cages” with four distinguished guest speakers.

9 November 2018: a Mini-Symposium on “The Mechanical Bond in Materials and Catalysis” with three distinguished guest speakers.

5 October 2016: a Mini-Symposium on “Dynamic Covalent Chemistry” with four distinguished guest speakers.

Ulm-Erlangen Mini-Symposium

On the 10th and 11th of July 2017 we hosted the first “Ulm-Erlangen Symposium on Functional Organic Materials” at the University of Ulm. While the primary objective of the symposium was to build bridges between research groups in Ulm and Erlangen, we had also invited four distinguished speakers from other institutions.

With 120 registered participants and 66 poster presentations, the meeting also turned out to be an excellent platform for young researchers to present their latest research findings (ten flash talks) and win one of two poster prizes. Special congratulations to Poster Prize winners Miriam Hauschild (FAU Erlangen) and Ula Lewandowska (ETH Zürich)!