SuprAR was developed by Max von Delius and Marius Müßler. The App is based on EasyAR Sense 4.0 and will always be free and will not include In-App purchases.

Important note: this App accompanies the lecture Supramolecular Chemistry taught by Prof. Max von Delius at Ulm University. It cannot be used for any other purposes. Please, carefully read the Privacy Notice before using SuprAR App.


How to use the App

  1. Open the App and consent to the use of your camera.
  2. Hold your mobile device over a 2D structure (indicated by a grey Play sign in the lecture slides).
  3. The App will immediately display the 3D model on your screen.
  4. By tilting your smartphone, you can virtually move around the displayed 3D model. By sliding your finger across the screen you can rotate the molecule and by pinching with two fingers, you can zoom in our out of the 3D model.

Try it!

Use the structure of a hierarchical host-guest complex below to test the app: